Dunefields of Northern China

Dune section in northeastern China
Badain Jaran dunes

An ongoing research program carried out in collaboration with Huayu Lu, Zhiwei Xu, Shuangwen Yi, and others at Nanjing University; Yali Zhou at Shaanxi Normal University; Jim Swinehart, Ron Goble, and Dave Loope at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and Mark Sweeney at University of South Dakota. Funding: National Science Foundation, BCS-0352683, BCS-0352748, ATM-0502489, ATM-0502511. Work by Chinese collaborators supported by several major grants from Chinese funding sources.

This is a long-term effort, beginning in 2004 and continuing up to the present. The overall goal is to understand the response of dune fields along the desert margin of northern China to climate change, in the geologic past, over the past few decades, and in the future. We have studied the stratigraphy of dune field sections, characteristics of dune field soils including the C isotopic composition of organic matter, the chronology of sand deposition and soil formation using luminescence dating, the geomorphology of the dunes using remote sensing images and field observations, and the potential for dust emission from the dunes using field experiments. The results have included a much better understanding of the timing of past dune activity and its connections to climate change, as well as important insights on present-day dune field dynamics.

Publications from this research program:

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